Unsolved Mysteries: The Koopalings

These are untold stories of Lost Love, the Missing, Fugitives, and Murder. Hello, my name is Smeags. And this is Unsolved Mysteries.


SYNOPSIS: It all began in the winter of 1990. The Super Mario Bros. were once again saving the world from the evil clutches of King Bowser. This time, however, things were a little different than before. This time, the mustached heroes faced a new nemesis: The Koopalings. Questions ensued: Who were these new adversaries, and where did they come from? Our top researchers show that these koopalings are in fact the legitimate children of King Bowser himself. The mother has yet to be identified. Why Bowser would not reveal these seven children until that point in time has yet to be confirmed.

However, the Mario Bros. latest adventure wouldn’t the last time we’d see these mischievous children. Insiders have informed us that Larry, Wendy O., Ludwig Von, Morton Jr., Iggy, Lemmy, and Roy were also seen in Dinosaur Land in the Summer of 1991, on a Safari in 1993, when Mario was missing in the Summer of 1994, and in Hotel Mario sometime later that year. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where the mystery really begins.

The Koopalings during happier times.

1995 started out like any other year would, but something was different. The Koopalings were absent from their usual duties of villainy. Not much was thought of it, as they had been on vacation in the Galapagos Islands 3 years prior, according to trusted witnesses. 1996 went by with no sign of the children, as did ’97 and ’98. Many were worried, what had happened to Bowser’s Children? When asked for questioning, King Bowser declined, telling us that he had nothing to say about the subject. The absence grew even as the millennium approached. In fact, it would be a full 9 years until we would see them again.

The summer of 2002 was similar to the past 8 years in that the Koopalings were yet to be seen. Yet something happened that year that would turn this mystery from a minor conundrum into a full-fledged enigma. 2002 was the appearance of Bowser Jr., the newest revealed child of King Bowser (blood samples confirm this assumption to be correct). It was quickly announced by Bowser Jr. himself that Princess Peach was the mother. Headlines ensued, but in the end King Bowser himself revealed that she was not the legitimate mother. The search for the real mother continues to this day.

Later that year, while the Mario Bros. were having their 4th annual Mario Party with their closest friends, they stumbled across a couple of despicable characters who called themselves the “Koopa Kids”. To the party goer’s surprise they all resembled a certain Koopa King, and caused as much havoc and discord as Bowser himself. In fact, Bowser’s fatherhood was again confirmed by blood sampling. And once again the mother is still in question.

The newest additions to the family.

In the fall of 2003, The Mario Bros. set out to once again save the world. They were to take on a new enemy, Cackletta, in the land of the BeanBean Kingdom. As the brothers cornered the fiend to the very ends of the land, they came upon a familiar sight in the dungeons of Bowser’s Castle: the long lost Koopalings. It had been 9 years since their last confrontation, and so many questions needed to be asked. Where had they been? Why show up now? Who were they really working for? However, the confrontation ended as quickly as it had begun, as The Mario Bros. saved the day, Cackletta was defeated, and the Koopalings once again disappeared into the darkness.

It has been five years since their most recent appearance. After all of our evidence was scrutinized, the only connection to Bowser’s making of a new family and the missing Koopalings is Cackletta, the former evil sorceress. Since her defeat by the Mario Bros., informants disclosed the location of her loyal subordinate, Fawful. When we questioned him about the relationship between the two parties all we got was something about mustard, doom, and rage dressing on the salad of evil. Unfortunately, that was where the trail ended. That was where we met our dead end. To this day, the fate of the Koopalings remains an Unsolved Mystery.

What secrets do these suspects hide?

CONTACT: If you have any information concearning the whereabouts of the Koopalings or have any leads that may help in the investigation, please comment in the area below. Your help is unprecedented and could be the key to solving this mystery.


90 Responses to “Unsolved Mysteries: The Koopalings”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the mother could be kamek koopa.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    perhaps some foul play of mr.kamek or a case of cheating.

  3. May be it was princess peach, because why does Bowser Jnr say she is his Mum, and you know that Bowser wants to marry Peach.

    Its all under Kamek’s spell

    • Anonymous Says:

      If you remember Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser told Bowser Jr. that Peach was his mom. Bowser later told Bowser Jr. that he was actually lying about this as a plot to make him help Bowser get Peach.

  4. well bowser kidnaps all the time princess peach.why?
    he wants more koopas in his army!!!

  5. also,why kamek could be his mom? it could be…uh…bowseena,or bowsera,or even bowletta (even if its cackletta conbined with bowser)

  6. hmmmm what does bowser do when he kidnaps peach……….

  7. I’m a firm believer that Bowser ate his young.

  8. ze kams back ind new supermario bros wii

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think the koopalings have a mom. I believe that koopas reproduce by budding.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The koopalings are coming back in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

  11. My friend and I truely believe that Kamek could’ve cloned Bowser.
    But, Maybe it just wasn’t something Nintendo thought about, and didn’t introduce a mother for the koopalings

  12. hammerbros Says:

    They are finally back in New Super Mario Bros Wii.
    Kamek can’t be their mum, he is a man.

  13. I got an idea take a look atvyoshi he eats enemies to make eggs. Although he use’s them as weapons… I think someone needs to call child services…

  14. Kamek put a spell on Yoshi to make him evil and Yoshi went on a rampage eating everything (including Koopas). When the spell wore off he Layed 7 eggs. Kamek took those eggs and persuaded Bowser that they were left outsite the castle.When they hatched the Koopalings were born. Bowser trained them and brought them up as if they were his own kids. And thats the story, the true story. Don’t ask me about Bowser Jr, thats for me to know and for you to find out.

  15. hey bowser who is your mom

  16. peaches kid Says:

    i belive that the koopalings r in darkland w/ their dad bowser & bowser jr.

  17. peaches kid Says:

    peach has her own kid(in real world) and the koopas mom went syco and permanently pixified her self with her magic sceptor

  18. iwonder……………………..

  19. Eamonn Bent Says:

    Actually on Super Mario Wiki there’s a list of mentioned characters, one of them? Claudia Koopa the suspected mother of the koopalings. she was mentioned in the Nintendo Power UK magazine so, it’s no wonder people never heard of her in the USA. maybe she had Bowsers kids & Bowser jr. and died/left. And those two “Koopa Kids” were clones made by Kemek seeing as they looked like Bowser himself. Its also possable that Bowser Jr. is a clone also because of his likeness to Baby Bowser from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

    • Anonymous Says:

      wow thats alot of words, but there is two solutions to this and its either that bowser is a girl or its peach . if it is peach she would be cheating on mario and mario would breakup with her.

      • Eamonn Bent Says:

        Ahaaaa! mario and peach HAVE NEVER BEEN STATED AS AN OFFICAIL Couple so it is possible that peach could’ve had the Koopalings!

  20. thats a lot of words


  22. what??????

  23. Eamonn Bent Says:

    WTF to you, who ever said that bullshit two comments above

  24. Eamonn Bent Says:

    Very sry for that last remark had an buttload of shitburgers from a friend that day. vry sorry. Hey Wendy O. do you thix my explanation is good?

  25. Eamonn Bent Says:

    I wonder if Wart’s a koopa or if there are more kinds of koopas like the koopalings and bowser livin in the mushroom kingdom.

  26. Eamonn Bent Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………… The mystery deepens with my comments.

  27. makes me think about this book im readin on fanfiction

  28. Eamonn Bent Says:

    Thats strange I was just on a website that allows Fanfiction. I think the name is called “freedom of speach”. Me thinks the adress is fos-ff.net.

  29. Eamonn Bent Says:

    Me also thinks that that this should mention new super mario bros wii

  30. Eamonn Bent Says:

    On a side note you know King Duvroc? from little kings story? well he killed all of my men and I beat him with Corobo by himself believe it or not.

    Sry I just was wanting to break the ice there

    • wendy O. Says:

      okee…ooh! ive played more games so why cant their mom be Peach, she IS Bowsers most cherished memory, and I had a dream about something like that

  31. Possibly, Kamek the wizard could easily, (Seeing how he uses his powers to set scenes in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. boss battles,) have conjured who would be come to known as the Koopalings in order to assist Bowser, though his help is repayed by Bowser smashing the latter into a pool of lava on the last level of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Another theory to the Koopaling’s orgin is that Princess Peach could have joined the Mushroom Kingdom to Dark World at some point to form a super continent (sort of how Pangea was,) but used her and the Star Sprite’s (creatures that use the power of light to do amazing thing and were introduced in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s inside Story.) power to split the two areas, isolating them such as how millenia of erosion did to the once-great Pangea, but not before she gave birth to eight children, who she put into hiding until they were older becuase of how she saw that Bowser was evil. Then, the Koopalings somehow made it out of their ‘safe’ in great disorientation due to the fact that they had not seen daylight until that point. Perhaps then they traveled for a bit, but when they realized that they were anything but compatable, split trails in hopes of pursuing their individual destinies.

    • wendy O. Says:

      good point, but how do you know pangea was even real, if God wanted it that way he would have keptit way. so now either the mom is peach, or they’re all resultsof kameks kajollinng around between super mario bros2, and 3. and on a completley unrealated subject, they are making a movie 4 Avatar The Last AirbenderXD

    • Eamonn Bent Says:

      Could this be the same James From Cinemassacre?!!!!!>>>>!!!!?…………if not, my mistake.

  32. An epilogue I thought you fellow discriminating veiwers might find pleasure in follows:
    You see, the Koopalings were a nasty bunch, so Princess Peach, being their maternal mother, decided to do something about it. Every summer, she will take one of them (by will or by force, depending on the Koopaling) and show him or her how to be a better person or how to keep good hygene or some other life skill. Then one day, When it was Larry’s turn, he was kidnapped at his desert castle and taken to Peach Castle. There, though he resists at first to the Princess’ teachings and haircuts, falls in love with her, and not in rashness, for the natural love a mother shares with its offspring was flourishing, and soon, the other Koopalings were at Peach castle in the ballroom calling,
    “Mama! Mama! Over here, Mama!”
    However, the maternal father, Bowser Koopa, a demented scientist who inhabbited a deadly world devastated by his experiments, wanted his children to serve him. So he sent a note to Princess Peach stating that since there were eight Koopalings, four should be sent to him. When none of them agreed to concede, Bowser sent monsters he had created to retreive his share of his children. Princess Peach, remembering bowser’s rashness as he created monsters and quickly abhorred their hideosity, showed them love, and compassion, and the monsters turned on their evil creator. In a strange way, you could say that Bowser’s fatal mistake was not how in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Victor ‘abhorred his creation and fled his responsibilities’, but how Bowser lacked love, and how it ultimately consumed him.
    Both Princess Peacha and the Koopalings cried when they discovered Bowser was gone, never to be seen again. In a short, this story could easily have served as a matured version of an epilouge in Super Mario’s detication.

  33. They reappeared in NSMBW, and they king of left Bowser Jr. out at times(probably Ludwig, because he was alone the last time they left him). In the UK Nintendo Comics it is said a “Clawdia Koopa” was their mother.

    • thats a good point but i wouldnt know because i dont live there. gosh dang nintendo, this is really stupid!!!! they should give us a game with flashbacks, and tell us who their mom is!

  34. Eamonn Bent Says:

    (Sigh) why cant videogames give striaghtforward answers at least sometimes?

  35. princess peach is their mother cause bowser takes her tohis castle to do something.

  36. i don’t know really but maybe bowser and peach got married then peach had the koopalings and then the magikoopa puts a spell on on bowser and peach witch make them loose there memory and they start to dislike each other and peach is still nice but bowser makes the koopalings rotten and mean so they can make chaos in the mushroom kingdom and get peach back for marrige. in partners in time bowser jr. is bowser as a little kid so that means he is not a koopaling and then goes on a mad hunt for the koopa kids

  37. Eamonn Bent Says:

    Maybe the Koopalings are CLONES it makes sense in some aspects( How the hell is Morton the largest of them but also the youngest? simple: he was created last and unlike the other ones, grew faster!)

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I know who the koopalings mother is!
    Clawdia Koopa.

  39. I love Larry Koopa! Says:

    Its so obvious that its Clawdia Koopa
    as the mother!

  40. Eamonn Bent Says:

    I wonder if clawdia left Bowser and the Koopa Kids for something important; or met an untimely end, this would probably explain why Koopa wants to kidnap the princess so badly: He’s trying to fill the hole in his heart so to speak

  41. I would say Birdo is the mother of the koopalings

  42. Alright you guys have good theories but no.The real truth is that bowser can lay eggs and he had 8 of them dah that’s mine so stop the confusing

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Peach is their mom. No Questions asked. Also, the mario party koopa kids aren’t bowsers kids. The koopalings appeared in NSMB Wii, Anyway.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    But here’s an interesting story.

    Weol, it all started back in Mario Bros. In the time of that game, Bowser had just came to power. He sent his army to ravage the mushroom kingdom and the real world through warp pipes. As Mario and Luigi fought off koopas and whatnot in the sewers, Bowser had Just kidnapped peach and, well, raped her. Months later Luigi and Mario had entered the Mushroom kingdom through a warp pipe and discovered peach had been kidnapped right after bowser had done her again. During the Time they made their way to world 8, It happened, again. After Bowser had been defeated, Ludwig, Lemmy, and Roy had all been born. During mario’s adventure in SMB 2, bowser had created Iggy and Wendy when he secretly kidnapped Peach and returned her, knowing that mario was at his house sleeping. Finally, in Super mario land, Bowser had kidnapped peach once more while Mario was in Sarasland and made Morton and Larry. ( Wow bowser sure does have a great sex life.) When Mario arrived back in the mushroom kingdom, he was alarmed to find that Peach had been kidnapped. He quickly fought these new foes and rescued her. After that, Bowser, knowing he already had too many kids, stopped doing peach whenever he captured her. The koopalings grew up and moved out. He waited 9 years until the events of Supet Mario 64 when he finally realized that he needed a Child to assist him in his battles with Mario, so he captured peach and did her once more. When juior was old enough to talk, he executed his plan in Super Mario Sunshine. After that defeat, he realized he still needed his other 7 kids, so he spent 7 years finding them all to bring them together in the plan that took place during the events of NSMB Wii. Hopefully, the koopalings will appear again some time soon.

    • You have some good points. But here is my theory. In 1970 Prince Bowser Koopa turned 20. His father King Morton Koopa Sr arranged him to marry Duchess Clawdia of Koopatown. They disliked each-other. However they had Ludwig in 1971, Lemmy in 1972, Roy in 1973, Iggy in 1974, Wendy in 1975, Morton Jr in 1976, and finally Larry in 1977. In 1985 King Morton 1st died and Bowser became the king. He and Clawdia divorsed that year. Then they argued over who would take the kids. Clawdia won the argument and took the kids which got Bowser angry so he decided to take his anger out on the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Princess Peach. That was the prequel to the events of Super Mario Brothers. In 1988 Clawdia died of sudden sickness so Bowser re-won custody of his kids which made him happy

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Has it occurred to you that the koopalings are King Koopa’s kids(you know the main antagonist from the NES games and DIC cartoons?) He ruled the kingdom up until his death on December 1, 1991 in the second final episode of the cartoon when his bedroom was filled with lava by Mario Sr. Perhaps the Super Mario World game takes place after the events of the cartoon. King Koopa is the biological father of Roy, Kooky, Cheatsy, Wendy, Lemmy, and Iggy. Bowser ( who became the king of dark land after his brother died is the father of Bowser Jr NO 1 and NO 2. Bowsers brother Bowsa who married clawdia is the father of Ludwig and Larry.


  46. Anonymous Says:

    King Koopa and Bowser are the same character.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    FUCK YOU ALL YOU FOOLISH MORTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I have been wondering for a long time is that on Super Mario Wiki they give so little imformation about Bowser’s mystery wife Clawdia Koopa. They don’t even say the issue number of NIntendo Power UK she is in. The other implied characters on that Super Mario Wiki thing at least had more detail like Bowser’s sister being in a song called Ignorance is Bliss and KIng K Rool using his mother’s recipe but they didn’t even explain the exact text like Bowser saying “My wife Clawdia something something something or whatever. Well today I found Toadette interviews Clawdia Koopa on Lemmy’s Land and when Toadette asked Clawdia “How come you never show up in any Mario Game?” Clawdia’s answer was that she was created by Lemmy’s Land to explain how Bowser got the koopalings. Now I know where the rumor started. Someone must have took that imformation and put in on Super Mario Wiki lying that Clawdia was mentioned in Nintendo Power UK. So Clawdia dosn’t even exist. My explanation that I had as a theory from 1990 up until the Clawdia rumor was that Ludwig, Roy, Kooky, Cheatsy, Wendy, Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry were actualy King Koopa’s kids(you know the main antagonist from the NES games and DIC cartoons like the person 2 comments above me said) and they were adopted by their uncle Bowser (King Koopa’s younger half brother) after King Koopa died in the 2nd final episode of the cartoon by lava(Kooky and Cheatsy died too). About Morton Jr. I agree with SMBHQ that he is the son of another sibling of King Koopa and Bowser called Morton Sr who probably died along with his mystery wife in an earthquake. About the mother of the other Koopalings KIng Koopa probably had a girlfriend called Lena(im not calling the super mario film movie canon. i just like the name.) who died right before the game SMB 3 leaving King Koopa no choice but to raise them. King Bowser only has 2 kids Bowser Jr no. 1 ( the direct clone who was in Super Mario Sunshine with the mask that can turn him into shadow mario and Bowser Jr No 2 who is a child Bowser had with peach.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Wait a minute I’m confused! I agree with most the stuff the person who made the comment above me but two things. Bowser Jr appeared in much more games than just Super Mario Sunshine. He apeared in Super Mario Sunshine(2002) Mario Golf Toadstool Tour(2003), Mario Kart Double Dash(2003), Mario Power Tennis(2004), Mario Kart Ds(2005), New Super Mario Bros DS(2006), Mario Party DS(2007) Super Mario Galaxy(2007), Super Mario Sluggers(2008), Mario Kart Wii(2008) Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games(2009), New Super Mario Bros Wii along with the Koopalings(2009), Mario Party 8(2010), Super Mario Galaxy 2(2010), Super Mario Sports Mix(2011), Mario Kart 7(2011), and Mario and Sonic in the London 2012 Olimpic Games(2012). I agree that Bowser Jr is a direct clone of Bowser either created scientificly by Ludwig Von Koopa or Magicaly by Kamek. Bowser is the step dad of the Koopalings but he is actually their uncle who is raising them because King Koopa(their real dad) died in the Cartoon Episode A Little Learning. Anyway why does the person above me say that Bowser Jr only appears in Sunshine? Second Question Who the Fucking Hell is Bowser Jr NO 2. I never seen him in any game.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    You (the person who made the comment above)asked “Who the Fucking Hell is Bowser Jr no 2. Im the guy who made the comment that said FUCK YOU ALL YOU FOOLISH MORTALS. The answer is the one in most Mario Games. The one who wears a bib with a drawing of ferocios teeth. His first appearance was Mario Golf Toadstool Tour. The one in Sunshine is different. In Mario Golf Toudstool Tour both Shadow Mario and Bowser Jr are selectable players. But shadow mario was the form Bowser Jr used in Super Mario Sunshine. That indicates that there are two Bowser Jr’s. Bowser Jr number 1 also apears in Super Mario Galaxy(when Mario has to race a cosmic clone that is actualy Shadow Mario). I wonder why Bowser Jr number 2 has more magor roles in Mario Games. In New Super Mario Bros DS Bowser Jr NO 1 is the person who sent thunder on Peach’s castle. And he is the Boss of World 4, and 7 In New Super Mario Bros Wii he drives the airship. He apears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 somewhere. The problem is that he made so many cosmic clones of himself Bowser cant find him anymore. He is one out of the at least 50 cosmic clones in that game. Bowser created many clones of his to raise the cosmic clones. Maybe some of the old Mario Party games take place after SMG 2. Now I understand those God Damn Koopa Kids.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    How old is the person who said FUCK YOU ALL YOU FOOLISH MORTALS!!!!! I mean he said he had a theory about the koopalings being King Koopa’s(not bowser’s) kids since 1990. That was five years before I was born. Anyway I would like to hear a theory from the guy about the koopalings dissapearance. Where were those children. In Super Mario Sunshine Bowser took only his maternal son Bowser Jr on the vacation. I used to think the koopalings were dead after Hotel Mario(Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga probably takes place before Hotel Mario). But then they reappear in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Sheesh You think i’m and old man? Im not that old in fact Im a young man. I was born in 1983. That means I’m only 29. I have 3 kids. What made me interested in getting the Mario Games was watching the cartoons. My theory about the koopalings dissapearing is that the “Bowser” that appeared raising them after King Koopa died that showed up in Yoshi Safari(1993) , Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga(2003 but takes place in 1993), Mario is Missing(1994), and Hotel Mario(1994) might have been a clone of Bowser. He died in 2009 which made King Bowser take the kids. Here is a list of simmilar character and their discriptions to not confuse you.
    King Koopa: King of the Koopa Land before King Bowser. Crown and horns on his head, green skin, face ressembles an alligator, body resembles a toad(not the Mushroom people an actual toad), and shell resembled a koopa shell with spikes. He is a hybrid of Koopa, Kremeling, and Toad. Apears in Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros Super Show, Super Mario Bros 3, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World Cartoon.
    Lord Bowser: The Lord of the Valley of Bowser. He has yellow skin, green shell with spikes, horns on head, red hair, and is able to breath fire. Apears in Super Mario World, Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga, Yoshi’s Safari, Mario is Missing, and Hotel Mario. Died in November 2009. Koopalings given to King Bowser
    King Bowser: King of all Koopa. Became King after King Koopa(the former King) died. Looks exactly like Lord Bowser. Has 2 kids. Apears in Mario and Luigi Partners in time, Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside story, Yoshi’s Island, Paper Mario, Tetris Atack, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Mario Golf 64, Mario Party 1, Super Mario 3d land, Mario Party 2, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Old Door, Mario Party 3,4,5,6 and 7, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros DS, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Sports Mix, and New Super Mario Bros 2.
    Shadow Mario: Realy King Bowsers son but disguises as Mario. Resembles Bowsers childhood self. Apears in Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    Bowser Jr. Bowser and Peach’s son. Does not appear humanoid even though he has a human mom. Also resembles Bowser as a child. Wears bib with ferocious teeth drawing. Apears in almost every Mario Game since Mario Golf Toadstool Tour.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    And also I’d like to say Fuck You All You Foolish Mortals again Do you know why? Many people assume that the koopaling age order is Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton Jr, and Larry just because it officialy stated Ludwig to be the oldest and Larry to be the youngest(which is true). But just because the battle order starts with Larry(the youngest) and ends with Ludwig(the oldest) doesn’t mean that the battle order is from youngest to oldest. The koopalings took over certain lands according to their interests. And the age order people think it is doesn’t match with the koopalings phycical appearance. My order from oldest to youngest is Ludwig(age 17 in SMB3, 19 in New Super Mario Bros Wii), Roy(age 17 in SMB 3, 19 in NSMBW, Morton Jr(16 in SMB 3, 18 in NSMBW), Wendy(16 in SMB 3, 17 in NSMBW), Lemmy and Iggy(Twins Lemmy older twin. 6 in SMB 3, 8 in New Super Mario Bros Wii, Larry(6 in SMB 3, 8 in NSMBW, Shadow Mario(Now 7), and Bowser Jr(now 6).

  53. Anonymous Says:

    You wouldn’t believe what I found. THE ORIGINAL COMIC THAT MENTIONED CLAWDIA KOOPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t only mention her it shows her. Here is how I found it. I wanted to see old Nintendo Power UK comics from the 1990s and found New Super Mario Bros Page 45 on Britishnintendodrawer. She has blue hair which explains Ludwig and Larry. Aparrantly she is a mutant dragon koopa just like Bowser(not just a female koopa troopa like Lemmy’s Land says). She was Bowser’s ex wife and called him at an unexpected time and asked him for alimony. He refused to and said he’d rather take the kids than give her money. She uses it to her advantage and says she’ll drop the kids of next week. What a bad mom she is! The user on Lemmy’s Land must have only heard the rumor from Super Mario Wikipedia about her. I saw the original comic.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    I saw the comic too. But you shouldn’t trust Nintendodrawer. Do you know what it is? Its a website where people draw pictures online of nintendo characters. Someone could easily be an imposter of Nintendo Power UK on Nintendodrawer. Clawdia was created by Lemmy’s Land. Here is how the rumor started. First Lemmy’s Land made up the character. It said she was a female koopa troopa on a biography made on April 14, 1996. Then someone read the Lemmy’s Land biography. The person didn’t like Lemmy’s Land discription of Clawdia Koopa so he made a fake Nintendo Power Uk comic on March 18, 1997 on Nintendo Drawer lying it was an official Power Uk comic from 1993. Then the rumor started and then it was put on Super Mario Wiki in 1998. Then the rumor went chaos. People struggle to find the imposter comic thinking it is Nintendo Power Uk when it realy isn’t. This leads to stress, bullying, suiside, terrism, and more. So STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rumor. is a phony and all this chaos of overwhelming stress finding the comic is unnessesary. She is fake She is fake She is Fake SHE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bowser had the koopalings with varrious female koopa troopas. You don’t have to be married to have kids.

  55. I found the true exact text. I was looking through storage and found a 1989 magazine made by Nintendo Power Uk called Nintendo Character Bios. I went to the Mario Section and found a brief discription of Bowser. Here is the original text.
    King of the Koopa: The leader of the Koopa Clan. He appeared in Super Mario Bros as the main antagonist. With his wand he turned the Mushroom People into Stones, Bricks, and even horse hair plants. Then he turned the Mushroom King into a dog. Since the Mushroom King’s daughter Princess Toadstool had powers to change them back he kidnapped her. Mario and Luigi defeated him. Is he dead? Or can he handle falling into lava? He might return in future Mario games(just maybe).
    Personality: Greedy, Selfish, and Power Hungry
    MysteryWife:Clawdia Koopa?
    His army
    His castle
    Being Bad
    His crown
    Princess Toadstool
    The mushroom people
    Geting Deafeated

  56. Are you sure you were looking at the original text? Mystery Wife:Clawdia Koopa? That makes it sound like Clawdia was mentioned before. Maybe some Jappanese person(who lived there for a while and remembered reading or hearing some thing mentioning Clawdia Koopa before moving to the US knows the answer. If there is anyone here who knows the language or something travel to Japan and ask someone about Clawdia Koopa. Nintendo Power Uk was refrencing to a mention in Japan about Clawdia. Ps: Hey rude aragant guy who called everyone on this website Mortals!! You are wrong! Toadette interviews Clawdia Koopa on Lemmy’s Land did say she was created by Lemmy’s Land but if you look at it carefully it was made by some random user that has an acount on that site. So it wasn’t made by the main user which is “claimed” to be Prince Lemmy Koopa who created Lemmy’s Land who said Clawdia was made up. Clawdia maybe was mentioned first in a jappanese comic or article. Then she was refferenced in Nintendo Power Uk

  57. That doesn’t explain much perhaps a joke. Here is my theory: First Bowser adopted Ludwig and Roy. Then his brother Morton Koopa Sr died of natural causes causing Bowser to adopt Morton Sr’s kids Morton Jr, Wendy O, Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry. One day Ludwig came up with the idea of cloning Bowsers DNA to create a bunch of clones. With his machine he created Bowser Jr and those Koopa Kids from the Party games. Yeah!

  58. No the original article was a 1995 article made by power uk. Here is the article text: Bowser is the furrious king of the koopas. He is in love with princess peach toadstool. Shh don’t tell Clawdia that.

  59. Just adding to the imformation. Toadette interviews Clawdia Koopa on Lemmy’s Land wasn’t made by the main creator. On Wendy’s Phonebooth(which is a thing on Lemmy’s Land where you ask Wendy about the Koopa’s) maybe you should try asking her “What was the original Nintendo Power refference to Clawdia Koopa?” and find out Wendy’s answer. The koopalings better know all koopa facts or else it will be proven that the user on Lemmy’s Land is not the real Lemmy Koopa.

  60. King Tube: You know what? Just shut the fucking hell up all of you. The koopalings are King Koopa’s illegimate kids. The people King Koopa had sex with were either his girlfriends or they were raped. Shadow Mario and Bowser Jr are illegimate children of Bb. Bowser and Peach. Clawdia is just a rumor and not all rumors are true. So fuck the dude who called everyone morals. whatt a foolish mortal he is.

  61. (i saw a 1989 article) you obviously saw a fake. Roar!

  62. By the way I read the thing you were looking called Nintendo Character Bios by Nintendo Power Uk. I read it too back in 1989 when I was about 10. When I read the bio of Bowser(back then known as the Koopa King) I found nothing about Clawdia. Plus I still have it on my lap right now while I’m typing this comment so don’t say I forgot. IM READING IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here is the text I’m copying of the magazine. King of the Koopa: The leader of the koopa clan. He appeared in Super Mario Bros as the main antagonist. With his magic wand he turned the mushroom people into stones, bricks, and even horse hair plants. Then he turned the Mushroom King into a dog. Since the Mushroom King’s daughter Princess Toadstool had powers to change them back he kidnapped her. Mario and Luigi went on a quest and deafeated him. Is he dead or can he handle falling into lava? he might return in future games(just maybe).
    Personality: Greedy, Selfish, and Power Hungry
    Wife: Is this a joke? He is a bachelor. who would want to marry him?
    His army
    His castle
    Being Bad
    His crown
    Princess Toadstool
    The mushroom people
    Getting deafeated
    So everything you coppied about the text is pretty much true exept the mention of Clawdia. LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in England and they used to sell Power Uk comics and magazines along with video games and at that time I bought The Legend of Zhelda. They stopped doing it when the SNES came out. Now I am 20 years behind in Power Uk magazines. maybe i’ll try shopping online or asking friends about it

  63. Hey guess what! If you use the Scientific Method you can find the exact text of Clawdia Koopa. It took me 3 years to find it. First I stated the problem(Bowser has a supposed wife or ex wife named Clawdia Koopa). In 2009 I recently graduated colledge. Next I gathered imformation by looking at all web pages on the internet discussing this mystery lady. I looked at Lemmy’s Land, this page and a lot more everyday througout 2010. I think I found all webpages including this comic online called Super Mario Bros page 45 by Nintendodrawer on Dievient Art. By the end of 2010 I have read every single webpage mentioning Clawdia. In 2011 I started selling all sorts of things including all my video games, my ipad, my ipad 2, my tv’s, and all sorts of things throughout the whole year. By december of 2011 I made over $10,000. In january 2012 I went on a vacation to London England(which I was why I was selling so many stuff) On the plane I got out my notebook and jotted down a hypothesis which is that Bowser married Clawdia and had the Koopalings and Bowser Jr but after Clawdia found out that Bowser was in love with Princess Peach she divorced him. In England I performed experiments by spending money on every single Nintendo Power Uk magazine, comic, book, bookmark, fruit snacks, cofee mug, and anything produced by Nintendo Power UK. Finally a week ago I was reading some old magazine article talking about the game Super Mario 128 and it said: Bowser is the antagonist of the game. He attempted to kidnap and have an afair with Peach. Bowser is the Furrious King of the Koopas. Shh don’t tell his wife Clawdia that. Finally I made a conclusion that my hypothesis was true. After I got back home I was broke and now I am temproary living back at my parents house.

  64. You sold everything to find the ultimate destiny. Thank you. Thank You Alll. THANK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope people who are trying to find the original text of Clawdia Koopa will find your wonderful comment.

  65. Koopakid33 Says:

    I know where the koopalings come from and go to.
    If you want to know you have to find me and ask me.
    but if you really want to know……. FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF!!!!!

  66. Koopakid33 Says:

    oh and if you want to know find me on minecraft 1.4.6 on my server
    my name is kitty70446 or find me on animal jam or club penguin.
    my user 4 aj is koopakid33. its kinda akward cause i dident know about the koopa kid lol.
    & my user 4 cp is blue 11306

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the mother is peach

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe bowser was a man and peach was married to bowser and he turned into a something and peach found mario so maybe thats why bowser kidnapps peach

  69. King Boo Daughter Says:

    I have a lead, I saw the koopalings talking to my dad I couldn’t hear them talking. But when they left they went in the forest with pictures of toads on the trees thats where Lady Bow lives, there ether wander in the forest or there with her and only Lady Bow, Bolter, a few other boos and I kow how to get through the forest! happy to help!

  70. What i do not realize is in truth how you’re no longer actually much more neatly-preferred than you may be now.
    You’re very intelligent. You already know thus significantly on the subject of this matter, produced me personally believe it from a
    lot of varied angles. Its like men and women are not fascinated until it is one thing to
    accomplish with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always handle it up!

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